The Breakfast Program is based on a ten month school year in 24 villages of the Muñeca Province, Bolivia, in a remote and destitute area of the Bolivian Andes.

The program began with 150 children in a small community of Aucapata. The only meal available to them during their school time was toasted corn. The ability of these children to learn was adversely affected by hunger. The Breakfast Program was designed to provide a simple, but  highly nutritious breakfast, consisting of a daily cup of milk and cereal, bread, butter and fruit.

Local women have been hired to prepare the breakfast with characteristic Andean cereals such as quinua and wilkaparu. As these communities do not have electricity, the bread is baked daily in a mud oven. The breakfast meal is the most nutritious meal the children have during the day. Teachers have reported dramatic improvement in the learning ability of these children reflected by higher marks and an increase in attendance at school. We now feed thousands of children every day.