In 2003, we established the first fully equipped dental clinic in the Muñeca Province. We are currently serving a population of over 25,000 people who have never before had access to proper dental care.

Our clinics, staffed with highly trained professionals and state of the art equipment, treat hundreds of patients per month. The Dental Program provides dental care services year round in 15 villages of the Muñecas Province. It is the only service providing direct dental care for adults and children in these areas. In addition to direct dental care for adults and children, the program provides education on dental hygiene for all of the children in the local schools.

A Day in Life of a Dentist in Bolivia 

Dr. MacLellan with a patients in Bolivia

In March 2011, Dr. Dan MacLellan travelled to Bolivia to work as a volunteer with the IMIF dental program, with two major objectives. The first was to help the local dentists treat patients. Copious cola ingestion combined with lack of regular dental hygiene and dental care means that many people have extensive dental caries. Because the people seldom seek treatment until they experience pain, extraction and the premature loss of teeth are often the result. IMIF dentists, however, have been working with people to prevent caries and preserve teeth. The second objective was to help improve and develop the IMIF dental program. This involved sharing current procedural techniques and treatment philosophies from Canada in an effort to increase preventative procedures and increase the local standards of care, especially in the more remote locations.

Since returning from his trip, Dr. MacLellan has agreed to join the IMIF as the coordinator of the Volunteer Program in Dentistry. Recently, an article about his experiences from Bolivia has been published in the Dal Anchor, Dalhousie Alumni Magazine. To read the full article, please click here…